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Our cat grooming is an allocated day.
[No dogs allowed]
We always have two groomers for one cat, we only groom for 1 hour.
Your cats nails will be clipped.
We groom holistically in a peaceful, calming atmosphere working to the pace of your cat and it's tolerance! Any knots will be clipped out, followed by a dry shampoo and conditioner.
We offer a wet bath & blast for cats. but we will do a dryer and water test during their first appointment with us.
    Albert Before

Cat Claws

Please ensure you check your cats claws on a regular basis, especially the dewclaws, these are two cats who had their nails growing into the pad! 

     Albert After

Martel after his groom, he has become a regular now and we see him every 6 weeks.

This little girl came in to be de-matted, she had dry shampoo and when cutting her nails we found her dew claw had grown into her foot. She was a very good girl and very relieved!

Betty had a wonderful bath, blow dry and comb out, she loves it!

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