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About us

Welcome to Shima Cat Hotel.

We are a family run cattery, offering luxury

accommodation in a delightful tranquil environment. 

Our cattery is kept to a moderate size to ensure we

can maintain our hands on individual care to our

guests, making sure your cat feels like part of the

family during their stay with us.

Our accommodation consists of multiple spaces for

playing or cat napping.

Our cattery suite's are light, spacious, warm, safe and

hygienically clean. Each pen offers a cozy bed with a soft blanket, heating, a night light, multi-sensory toys, litter box and scratching post. [Air conditioning, cool bottles and mats during the Summer months]

You are welcome to bring anything your cat is familiar with from home and

we encourage you to bring something with your scent on to help him/her

settle in quickly, for our elderly guests our family room has a low level shelf

which is a suitable space for an elderly cat of twilight years.

We take a personalized approach and constantly monitor your cats

progress and welfare to ensure your cat is enjoying their stay with us.

Your cat will receive human interaction including cuddles and playtime.

However we will be guided by our guest!

During the day your cat will listen to soothing background Classical

Music to add to the ambiance we offer in the cattery.

Before leaving your cat in our care. We encourage you to come and view the cattery and inspect the facilities on offer and discuss your cats needs whilst in our care. I feel it is very important to look before you book at any cattery.


Our guests are offered a varied menu during their stay, including cooked fish, chicken or tinned tuna.

Dry food is offered all day, we serve wet pouches morning and evening if your cat is on a specific diet, we do ask you to supply enough wet / dry food for the duration of their stay with us. 


We are happy to administer medication to your cat in liquid or tablet form, please ensure the medication is in a sealed container, clearly labelled with your cats name, instructions, storage and required dosage. ( I do not administer injections)


Shima Cat Hotel offers Dog Grooming which is located at the front of the property. Our cattery is a dog free area and is situated at the back of the property, I do own 3 dogs and they are not allowed in the cattery area.



We have CCTV in place as security around the property, 24 hr monitoring, we always have a member of family on site/ home, the entrance to the cattery is locked at all times.

Cat on a Soft Blanket


Vaccinations are essential to be admitted into the cattery. They MUST be up to date and cover 'FELINE INFLUENZA' & 'FELINE ENTERITIS' New vaccinations should be give 2 weeks prior to your booking date. Owners must provide the current Vaccination Certificate in advance via Email and the original upon arrival at the reception. YOUR CAT WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY WITHOUT IT.

Please ensure your cat has been wormed and had a recent Flea & Tick treatment before coming into the cattery.

All cats over the age of 8 months must be NEUTERED. [Un-Neutered cats in the

cattery can cause upset to other guests from Males spraying /scenting and the Females calling day and night when in season for the Males/ Toms]

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